San Domenico Palace Taormina

Italian Places, Food & Hotel thanks San Domenico Palace in Taormina to have given us hospitality in a truly magic place...

A wonderful Hotel located in a truly magnificent location, which has fascinated man since ancient times. The '5-star hotel located in a former Dominican monastery, and offers wonderful views of Mount Etna and Taormina Bay in the east coast of Sicily, a few kilometers from Messina. Numerous writers, artists and composers came to Taormina to visit this unique place. At San Domenico is also present The Principe Cerami restaurant, awarded by 2 Michelin stars, is run by chef Massimo Mantarro, whose art is characterized by the Sicilian touch added to the sophistication of haute cuisine. Named after the Sicilian nobleman who was responsible for the transformation of the monastery into a hotel, the restaurant is wrapped in a magical atmosphere that overlooks the Ionian Sea.  It 'was a unique experience, waking up in the enchanting panorama from the San Domenico Palace it is really a daydream.

- Drink at Terrace

Drink at Terrace of San Domenico Palace Taormina

- Amazing Pool

pool San Domenico Palace Taormina

Amazing view of San Domenico Palace in Taormina

- Bouganville terrace

Bouganville terrace san domenico palace taormina

- Amazing Room

room san domenico palace taormina

- Our Breakfast

breakfast at san domenico Palace taormina

- The Fantastic Bar of the hotel

bar of san domenico palace in taormina

- Panoramic view