Italian Places, Food & Hotel tells the experience lived at Armani Restaurant with ✽ Michelin in Milan...

It was a unique and sensory gourmet experience characterized by refined and elegant cuisine. Whether you are interested in exquisite gastronomic offerings, spectacular panoramic views or great service, every moment is an extraordinary experience at Armani Restaurant inside the Armani Hotel. Innovative and elegant, from contemporary essentiality, a perfect blend of excellence in Italian taste with invasion in kitchens all over the world. In fact in this evening we had the pleasure of taste Chef Filippo Gozzoli's dishes and those of Chef Sergio Herman Guest of the "Meet the Chefs". Stellar cuisine and experimentation have met in Milan and have created a gastronomic path of pure style and passion, a true harmony between tradition and creativity. The gastronomic proposal of the Armani Restaurant has combined the best of technical, style, taste and flavor experience. Great attention to detail, perfect contrasts, close-ups and a very careful selection of raw materials, these are the main elements of one of the best restaurants in Milan. Take a look to the dishes tasted at " Meet The Chefs" night at Armani Restaurant:

- Our Visit at Armani Restaurant

- Oysters Zealand, Algae, Thin Olive, yuzu

- Asparagus salad, bacon, ham and verbena

- Anguilla , potatoes, green herbs

- Fregola, Lobster, Burrata and Hazelnut

- Pigeon Plate, Beef, Hay and Foie Gras

- Cremaux with vanilla, almond and rhubarb coffee

- Armani Restaurant , Milan

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