Italian Places, Food & Hotel tells the amazing experience lived at La Pergola✽✽✽ Michelin stars in Rome...

Telling a culinary experience at this level is really difficult... Be the best for 10 years with three Michelin stars and always confirm it, always raising the level of difficulty, always succeeding in astonishing yourself and the others is really difficult to tell a few lines .. We've visited a lots of starred restaurants in Italy and Europe and in our opinion La Pergola of Heinz Beck is the absolute best restaurant. Excellent dishes, explosive tastes, a harmonious flavors, the constant curiosity of discovering the next bite that sensation and emotion will give to the palate is indescribable. A number of professional and very well trained staff, one to all Simone Pinoli a wonderful person who made our dinner unforgettable. We thank Chef Heinz Beck for delighting with his creations, for showing us how his brilliant brigade works in unison and especially for having talk with us at the end of dinner .. a very humble person who manages to convey through his fantastic dishes, all the love and dedication he has for his work and for over 10 years makes him one of the most important Chef in the world. We are really in love with this restaurant, it is an experience we recommend doing at least once in life. Below you can take a look at the dishes we have tasted...

- Entrèe

- Marinated Ricciola with white balsamic vinegar with pomegranate snow

- Marinated mackerel on Mediterranean vegetables 

- "Algae, Scampi and Squid"

- "Fagottelli La Pergola"

- "Wholemeal Maccheroncini with Red Shrimp"

- "Composition of Saint Peter's Fish, Squid and Red Citrus Steam Shrimp"

- "Cod with marinated apple vinaigrette and sweet chili pepper"

- "Roast Fillet on Chestnut Cream with Vegetables, Tubers and Seasonal Fruits"

- Pre Dessert " Sun "

- "Dessert: iced ice sphere on tea cream with crystallized raspberries"

- With Chef Heinz Beck

Vini Degustati: - Laurent Perrier Brut Rosè

- Wohlmut Sauvignon Blanc 2014

- San Leonardo Riesling 2013

- Martini & Sohn Gewurztraminer Palladium 2015

- Pelissero Barbaresco Vanotu 2012

- Chateau d'Yquem 1997

Grazie al Sommelier Marco Reitano

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