Italian Places, Food & Hotel tells the experience lived at Il Cappero Restaurant ✽ Michelin in Vulcano, Sicily...

Returning to the Therasia Resort on the island of Vulcano in Sicily is always a mix of unique emotions filling your eyes and the heart of magic, making it return to enjoy the delicacies of the Cappero Restaurant, ✽ Michelin was truly unique. In our opinion the Cappero Restaurant enjoys one of the most exclusive views of Sicily, imagine of a dinner while your eyes observe all the Aeolian Islands, the blue of the sea, the characteristic Lipari faraglions, and the Aeolian archipelago, from Stromboli ad Alicudi while the palate tastes the raw materials of Sicilian tradition interpreted impeccably by Chef Giuseppe Biuso, class 1988, young, talented very related to its origins and traditions of Palermo, with that pinch of madness that makes its dishes tasty, gritty and from tastes very decisive. The Open kitchen is also another Cappero "news", as it allows, thanks to its transparencies, to note the kitchen brigade at work, synchronized to perfection, a pleasure for the eyes. Also worthy of note is the staff, including the Restaurant Manager Salvio di Scala who has conducted us throughout the tasting course, with great professionalism and passion for his work, the Sommelier Andrea Prizzi with a perfect comibination of wine wine with unique creativity in its field, and all the staff at Cappero Restaurant with great customer attention. We recommend everyone visiting the Cappero Restaurant of Therasia Resort , an experience that you will hardly forget and will bring within you forever. Here are the pictures:

- Chef Table and Open view Kitchen

- Entrèe

- " Rosso si sfera" Mazara red shrimp, beetroot and raspberry

- Veal Heart, Fruity Passion, Jam, Salt Flakes and Giuggiulena

- " Pani Cunzatu" Bread with seasoned volcano ricotta, tomato cherry tomato, Nocellara del Belice olve, Salina capers and anchovy

- "Tortello al Capuliato": dry volcano tomato, fasular tongue, basil and parmesan cheese

- "Tagliatella alla panella", stuffed with mussels, pecorino, lemon and black pork lard of Nebrodi

- Octopus and rabbit with potatoes, leek and licorice

- Double baking lamb, Marsala reduction, Ustica lentil and "mangia e bevi palermitano"

- Fruit Ninja dessert

- Cassata made in Sicily Dessert

- With Chef Giuseppe Biuso and the Restaurant Manager Salvio Di Scala

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