Italian Places ,Food & Hotel tells the experience lived at Le Cerf Restaurant ✽✽ Michelin in Cossonay, Switzerland...

A real culinary emotion! this is the right term to describe in summary the gastronomic experience lived at Le Cerf Restaurant, ✽✽ Michelin headed by Chef Carlo Crisci in Cosonnay, a pretty and small village in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland with about 3,000 inhabitants. We could define Chef Carlo Crisci as an artist, in fact art has brought him closer to gastronomy. A very creative chef who ,through his dishes, delivers the passion and gives unique flavors. Prominent signs of a super "cuisine", with a continuous movement, constant search for innovation and creation, perfect for the eye and the palate. Gastronomy as a art at 360 °, to make it special is also the use of spontaneous herbs, specially harvested for its restaurant at km 0. "It was like a painter to discover new colors." The key to cooking of Chef Crisci at the Le Cerf Restaurant is that of a simple and healthy cuisine, of products produced with respect and conscience, to be cook with personality, dishes must transpire the story of the person, there must be a close relationship with the farmer and the the product is the basis: without a good and healthy product, it is not a good dish. We recommend all our readers to live this superlative experience, a fascinating gastronomic pathway, which undoubtedly leaves the mark, marveling at the dish after dish with eyes and delighting you bite after bite with the unique taste of natural, healthy and stunningly ingenious cuisine. Here's our gastronomique tour :

- Amuse-Bouche

- The Oyster

- Fawn Carpaccio with lard d'Arnard, Eldberry and corne d'abondance mushroom

- Scallops and sea urchins with green cabbage

- Crispy blue lobster, red cabbage flovoured with polypode commun

Sole , Shells and berce

- Grouse tic-tac, lapsang Souchong smoked tea and chestnuts

- Chocolate crust roe filet, " Reine des près" sauce

- Cheese selection 

- Dessert: Around the Fig

- With Chef Carlo Crisci