Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

Italian_Places, Food & Hotel thanks Le Colonne Restaurant headed by Chef Rosanna Marziale with ✽ Michelin a Caserta...

We thanks Rosanna Marziale to have given us hospitality for the second year at Colonne Restarant, insigned by one Michelin Star. An ancient tradition restaurant, refined and intimate, located a few meters from the Reggia of Caserta . Live the gastronomic experience of Chef Marziale is absolutely something extraordinary , continuous explosion of tastes , excellent flavors , unique ingredients , carefully selected and presented by art. The Chef is the creator of the famous " Pizza al Contrario " presented this year in three delicious new versions (sea pepper and lemon, yellow datterini tomatoes, red tomatoes, basil, ricotta flakes and fresella , puttanesca with tarallo nzogn and pepper ) a plate divine that many restaurants try to imitate but you will find the original only at Colonne Marziale in Caserta . At the restaurant you will find a professional staff who will guide you through the culinary journey , always helpful and attentive to every need . Rosanna Marziale addition to being one of the best Italian Chef is also an ambassador in the world of buffalo mozzarella DOP . Take a look at the dishes we tasted . We invite all our followers to visit and book at Le Colonne Restaurant in Caserta , fantastic gastronomic experience difficult to forget 

- Bruschetta with zucchini Scapece and Mussels

bruschetta Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Pizza with yellow and red datterini, ricotta flakes and fresella

pizza Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Mozzarella Pizza with fish and lemon

fish pizza Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Mozzarella Pizza alla Puttanesca with tarallo "nzogn" and pepper

mozzarella pizza Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Rise with courgette's flowers

rise Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Burnt mozzarella with prawns

mozzarella Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Fish ravioli in bouillabaisse sauce

ravioli Colonne Marziale Restaurant Caserta

- Cannelloni mozzarella, zucchini flowers and asparagus

Cannelloni mozzarella

- Stockfish


- Ravioli Mozzarella with Peppers

Ravioli Mozzarella with Peppers

- Dessert: BiancaMela, cream and Melannurca

Dessert: BiancaMela, cream and Melannurca

- Zuccotto, sponge cake soaked and ice cream Fruit

Zuccotto, sponge cake soaked and ice cream Fruit

- Dessert: Crete, lemon cream and dark chocolate

Dessert: Crete, lemon cream and dark chocolate

- With Chef Rosanna Marziale

Chef Rosanna Marziale

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