Italian Places, Food & Hotel tells the experience at Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville Crissier, B.Violier ✽✽✽ Michelin, Svizzera...

One of the most exciting culinary experiences ever. We've the honor to live the experience at Restaurant De L'Hotel de Ville Crissier, B.Violier, ✽✽✽ Michelin in Switzerland, directly from the Chef Table, is an emotion we will hardly forget and through our photos we will try to to tell you. Wonderful location in the characteristic Crissier, the Swiss canton of Vaud. History, gastronomic art, culture and hospitality are the main keys of the Restaurant and for this we thank the very kind Brigitte Violier and all the professional staff for welcoming us in their "temple of taste". A team of fifty-eight talents from the most prestigious restaurants in Switzerland, France and abroad, their savoir-faire, professionalism and passion for cooking, all togheter to ensure the highest satisfaction of restaurant guests from all over the world. Chef Frank Giovannini, one of the contemporary masterchef of high cuisine, has shown how accurately he prepares every single course and how much attention and minus his brigade makes it perfect in every facet , in every taste and consistency. Below you can take a look at the dishes we have tasted:

- From the Chef Table 

- The Brigade

- Vibrant Vaud Tomatoes served with a scarlet spicy avocado and Vino Santo jus

- Fried Langoustine tails from the Celtic Sea with a young fennel veloutè

- Crispy rolls of Wild Summer Porcini and Chanterelle Mushrooms perfumed with celery and basil

- Celery ravioles with Parchment Beans from Vinzel seasoned with Caviar

- Fillet of Red Mullet from the Atlantic Coast served with a delicate pesto sauce

- Bouchot Mussels from the Cancale Bay cooked in Chasselas wine and saffron from the Alpes

- Selection of Fine Cheese

- Pre Dessert " Refreshing duo of Clèry Strawberries and Coconut"

- Luizet Apricots from the Rhone Valley with caramelized lemon balm almonds

- With the Chef Frank Gioavannini

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